About Us

About Us

What is Smiling Tree?:

It is an initiative by a 9th standard student of Modern School, Barkhamba Road, Delhi, India - Nirbhay Kwatra, who, with other members of this currently small but significant collective, is committed to taking proactive steps in protecting the natural environment through community intervention. He is currently garnering support from people from all walks of life to meet an ambitious goal of adding one million trees to the world by 2022. Among many steps undertaken to protect the natural environment, the collective also spreads awareness of inculcating habits of using clean, renewable, energy in our daily lives. To meet our long-term goal of planting one million trees in the next 10 years, the collective seeks support of like-minded people from all age groups who can join as member volunteers.  

Members’ Zone:

The members are encouraged to participate in regular events of smilingtree, wherein they will play an active and instrumental role in spreading the word and deed of protecting our fragile and deteriorating natural environment. The events include collective tree planting, organizing and participating in public walks, mass pledges etc. to garner support, take individual and collective responsibilities in contributing to the efforts in protecting the natural environment.

To be a member, you only need to:
  • 1) be a concerned inhabitant of planet Earth.
  • 2) be sensitive towards depleting green cover from the face of this planet.
  We believe in having an open and participatory collective and would be delighted to welcome the opinions, suggestions and ideas from one and all so that together we can evolve smilingtree into a dynamic and sincere organization. Its’ useful to comprehend that this world belongs to all of us, and we belong to it and the responsibility to save it from any natural catastrophe also lies on the shoulders of all of us and not merely on a handful of policymakers.

To be a member, just send an email to smilingkwatra@gmail.com or log on to this website to express your intent. Join us and help the green collective!